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O Canada! - Jannet Walsh poses next to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police bear in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Jannet Walsh, ©2013 Jannet Walsh Media


Greetings and welcome to my website for my web designs and related multimedia training!


Please see my other websites for video, photography, writing and my many other talents related to media, including workforce and career topics, genealogy or chasing my Irish roots at home in Minnesota or Ireland.


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Please check back to this site as I post more examples of my web designs. Check on the list as it grows in my Portfolio. There should be iPhone apps and more to come!


Best wishes,

Jannet Walsh



Seattle Fish Toss

Learn about Jannet's CNN iReport featured on the home page of CNN.com at Seattle's famous Pike Place Fish Market. Watch this video at CNN iReport.



Udemy.com and this website


By Jannet Walsh

Learning new tech skills is not only chic, but its necessary!


This is one of the two websites I made with an online web design course at Udemy.com called Dreamweaver Basics 101 - Build a fluid responsive web design.  It's taught online by Robert Farrell, an Adobe guru and Apple designer and developer.




His course was easy to follow with detailed videos and instructions, step by step using Adobe Dreamweaver, considered to be a premier code writing program for designing websites.  


What did I like best about the online course?  Farrell is located in the Big Apple, New York City, but I am in Murdock, Minn., a smaller "metro" area with a population of 278, on the prairie. This means I can learn any place on the globe. He not only points out great tips and tricks for learning and design, but helps you overcome design flaws or glitches in the Dreamweaver CS6. 


It's important to point out that you are learning to quickly design websites in real time, now writing code. You are on your way to putting a web portfolio together and adding more skills in your bag! 


Check out Dreamweaver Basics 101.


Best wishes! Jannet Walsh