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"I love cutting-edge innovation and using new technology to engage people’s attention in today’s social media world. My videos have aired on CNN, CNN iReport, HLN and as a guest on HLN live. New technology blends well with my traditional background as a New York Times Company staff photographer." - Jannet Walsh



Exploring Irish roots in Ireland


Irish roots - Jannet Walsh in 2011 visiting Irish ancestral homeland in Townland Knockanarroor, located in County Kerry, Ireland. Click to view related CNN iReport video. Photo by Jannet Walsh, ©2013 Jannet Walsh Media.


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Jannet Walsh worked as a communication manager and community relations professional at a regional workforce board in Ocala, Florida, handling media requests, press release writing; media interviews for newspaper, TV and radio; video shooting, editing and production; and designing and preparing newsletters, brochures and more.


Her experience in the media as a former staff photographer with The New York Times Company has prepared her to understand the needs of the media, the audience, and the organization she represents, along with the ability to speak to small or large groups, live TV and radio interviews and more.


More Details - Jannet Walsh, of Murdock, Minnesota, is an award winning photojournalist and photographer with more than 20 years of experience capturing images, both still photographs and video.  She is a former employee of The New York Times Company, working at a regional newspaper, Star-Banner, in Ocala, Florida. Jannet’s work has appeared around the world.  Click here to see one of her photographs in a newspaper in Oslo, Norway.


Educated - She has a Master of Arts in visual communication from Ohio University, one of the nation’s premier programs for photojournalism.  Her undergraduate degree is in mass communication from Saint Cloud State University.  She has also received fellowships from The Poynter Institute related to multimedia.


News-worthy photographer - A portrait of the late pilot Jimmy Leeward, standing with his wife Bette Leeward, is an example of  Jannet’s photos that she has captured during her photojournalism career with The New York Times Company.  Click to view blog and photos of Jimmy Leeward.


Worked and lived in Europe - Jannet owned and operated her own photo agency based in Sittard, the Netherlands, as a freelance photographer for Limburgs Dagblad, in Herleen, the Netherlands, a daily Dutch language newspaper; had a portrait contract with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) at Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany and other Dutch language publications. Jannet established a Dutch registered photo agency called JWK Foto, and is a former member of Dutch Association of Photojournalists.


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Contact Jannet Walsh at jannetwalsh@gmail.com.

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