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Snow doggie - My terrier enjoys the first big snow fall of 2012. See related CNN iReport related and CNN vetted video. Photo by Jannet Walsh, ©2013 Jannet Walsh Media.






I am Jannet Walsh, located in Murdock, Minn., available for work locally in Minnesota and the globe.


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Jannet Walsh


Media Kit - For media inquiries and background information about Jannet Walsh, vist my Media Room for more details.


Pleas email me at jannetwalsh@gmail.com for services related to web design, media training, video, photography, writing, graphic design, newsletters, public relations, social media, pubic speaking, mentoring and multimedia journalism.


Media training - If you are in need of media training or just want to be prepared for your next interview with local, national or international media, including Skype, radio, TV, print or blogger, also known as a citizen journalist, I'd be glad to help prepare you for the tough questions and looking good in front of the camera!


Group or individual training is available and could be part of a conference or seminar for executives, students or anyone wanting to be media savvy.


I have a broad background in journalism, public relations, media relations and have been in interviewed in numerous national and international interviews, along with being a multimedia instructor at the University of Florida summer multimedia journalism programs. See Jannet Walsh in the news.




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